I like photographs that capture movement. There’s something interesting about turning motion into a still image. Capturing the moment, I guess.

On the images page, you can see a few recent photos I have taken that fit in with that ‘movement’ theme. I hope you like them.

A couple of things that I would call out. This wasn’t a project. I didn’t intentionally try to freeze movement. But I think I will sometime soon. Also, I find ‘freezing’ people more interesting than ‘freezing’ vehicles. That said, there’s one of a bus here.

Finally, they are far from perfect, especially the one of Dapper Dan (above). Actually, I post that here to remind me to be more patient and more courageous. Had I been so, that photo would have been amazing, purely because he is such a colourful, flamboyant character. But ultimately it’s about experimenting and developing. Right? Everyday is an experiment.


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