The Joy of Cover Art through Moses Sumney’s Græ

Recently I reviewed Moses Sumney’s sublime new album, Græ, for Louder Than War. It’s an astonishing work of art (the album, not the review) and I would love it if you would read more of my thoughts by clicking on that link.

What I really want to talk about today though, is the cover art. For a long time, in the era of the CD, the joy of cover art was forgotten. Packaging was so small and nondescript that the days of poring over the copy and marvelling at the art whilst you enjoyed the music for the first time had gone.

Thankfully, we are seeing a return of this form and Jagjaguwar and Sumney have delivered packaging that is worthy of the music. I sincerely hope that more artists and record companies understand the importance of this aspect. After all, vinyl does not come cheap these days. But when it is packaged as a work of art, it’s worth every penny.


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