Someone Just Pressed Pause

There are few things in my lifetime that are simply unparalleled in their magnitude. 9/11, obviously. The death of Diana. The moon landings. All things that stopped the world’s clocks. And now we have coronavirus or covid-19 or the plague. Whatever you want to call it.

When events like these occur, everyone rushes to their laptops to document their take. There are more column inches written on coronavirus than everything else put together. Because of that, it’s difficult for anyone to say anything fresh or unique.

That makes the achievement of The Broken Orchestra all the more admirable. Criminally, I missed the release at the time, but back in late-March, the Hull-based band released the incredible single, Someone Just Pressed Pause. I reviewed it recently for Louder Than War.

In summary, it is the perfect response to the crisis we faced. It is sublime and poetic. Inspirational and authentic. It is definitely worth checking out. Helpfully, here’s a link to the song:

Once you’ve checked that out, give their back catalogue a spin. It’s very evocative of Blue Lines era Massive Attack. Very trip-hop.

You can find out more about The Broken Orchestra at their site. And you should.


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