Wildflowers of the West End

For the first time in four months, I took a trip to Glasgow’s West End today. It’s my spiritual home. I was born there and spent the majority of my childhood playing in the parks and streets there. (Although my official residence was in a Lanarkshire new town, all of my extended family were still ‘back home’).

It was good to be back. In fact, it was just good to be out and about again after lockdown. And although lockdown isn’t, strictly speaking, over, it felt quite vibrant with numerous shops and cafes open for business.

Something really struck me as we wandered the streets. Wildflowers. Loads of them. For some reason, the city council have deemed it too dangerous for their employees to get the lawn mowers out and tend the small green areas that line the streets. Quite why, I have no idea. It’s an outdoors activity and you don’t need to interact with anyone.

Anyway, their uber-cautious approach makes for some pretty verges. It won’t last, so I took some photographs. I hope they make you feel good. Wildflowers often do.


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