Invisible Cities (part 2)

The Lab. A dazzling, bright light at the end of a seedy dark lane.

Yesterday, I continued my Invisible Cities project. There are so many unexplored and neglected parts of our city centres. Little things we never notice. It’s always fascinated me, but I think the whole lockdown thing has heightened that awareness.

Another shady lane. Shady, as in..

It’s illuminated in bright early morning sunlight here, but imagine this place after dark.

Somebody (still) loves you

I posted images of this graffiti/art a couple of weeks ago. Turns out, it’s all over the city centre. I love the situation here, as it brings beauty to a lane littered with syringes and used condoms. Then we have the contrast, with the Chanel shop in the bright sunlight beyond. That’s how it is.

Broken bicycles, old busted chains
With busted handle bars out in the rain.
Somebody must have an orphanage for
All these things that nobody wants any more

(Tom Waits)

Hitchcock’s inspiration.


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