Invisible Cities (part 3)

Here, we have the third part of my Invisible Cities project. This picture (above), for me, epitomises, post-lockdown dystopia. I have no idea why it’s so run down. Maybe it’s not lockdown related at all and it’s been like that for aeons. On the post-production question, yes, it is treated slightly to give it that ‘Man Who Fell To Earth’ feel. At least, that’s what I get. But, that said, those plastic window coverings are very blue.

This is the same building. Just treated differently. Also, I like the angle of the shadow. It’s very geometric. But I wonder if I should’ve made it darker?

If you look at lots of my shots you will see that I’m a little obsessed with conflict or contradiction. Old stuff/new stuff. Filthy alleys with designer stores in the sunlight beyond.

This is a very old cathedral that is surrounded by modernity. Look at the detail at the roofline. Stuff like that goes unnoticed constantly.

The vast majority of people never, ever look up. They look at shop windows or the pavement or people passing by. Never up. That’s a shame, because they miss glorious details like these cherubs…

…or these pigeons.


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