SAULt – Untitled (RISE)

It wasn’t enough to release the album of the year in the early part of summer 2020. Oh, no. Just three months after the incredible achievement of Untitled (Black Is), the mysterious SAULT (almost) repeated the feat with Untitled (Rise).

Later in this series, I shall inevitably return to the mighty SAULT.

For now, you can read my Louder Than War review on this epic (which was actually published on my birthday, which is nice).

As it happens, I really wrestled with whether or not I, a middle-class white man, was qualified to review an album about racial discrimination and the message contained in one track in particular (You Know It Ain’t) heightened that anxiety. It made me a little uncomfortable, which is precisely what it’s meant to do. For what it’s worth, I believe the challenge made me a better writer.

For so many reasons, this is essential listening.

Key moment: The aforementioned You Know It Ain’t. It’s humorous and knowing and unsettling. It speaks volumes.


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