Soothsayers – We ARE MANY

Released on 27th November, Soothsayers just make it into this year’s Musical Advent. Whilst it’s still very fresh (a mere five days old), it’s been part of my daily listening schedule for a bit longer as I was lucky enough to be reviewing it for Louder Than War (which you can read here).

I won’t regurgitate what I said last week. Let’s keep it snappy and sweet. We Are Many is a glorious fusion of dub, jazz and electronica, shot through with the sounds of Africa and South America. On top of that you have intelligent, articulate social commentary addressing many of the horrors of the modern world.

Released on the superb Wah Wah 45’s label, it’s an album that is both thought provoking and musically outstanding, It’s a bit of a shame that it will probably be overlooked for many album of the year shortlists purely because it was released so late in the year. However, I wasn’t going to make that mistake.

Dance, revolt and enjoy!

When to listen: Unquestionably New Year’s Eve. It’s one to get the party started.

Key track: The brilliant instrumental Hands in the Ground, featuring Idris Rahman’s soaring sax flying off to celestial heights before swooping back to duel ferociously with Robin Hopcraft’s trumpet. It is joy unconfined and unlimited.


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