Been a wee while since I was able to get the camera out. However, I managed to do so today, which was delightful. Went from the East End of the City Centre to the West End. Quite a contrast. The east end of Argyll Street and Trongate feels like a place that’s been locked down for a year. It’s like a ghost town, gradually fading away. You cannot help feeling sorry for the business owners in that part of the city. Some images:

I love this one. It looks like something from the fifties, but it’s today and it’s real. It’s also sadly closed because of this damn pandemic.

The we hit the West End and it’s typically leafy and bookish. Like a spring day, people are out and about without a care in the world. They have even pedestrianised Kelvin Way, making it more cosmopolitan.

*PS, I know the lyrics to the Pet Shop Boys tune was “East End Boys, West End Girls”. The title of this piece is a play on that and is an in-joke with my wife. Please don’t write in.


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