There have been many great albums in 2021, but few have the drama and the emotional heft that Time To Die possesses. Upon its release in April, I described it in Louder Than War as “eight astonishing compositions that push the boundaries of modern music”.

Time To Die gracefully takes us from the very heart of darkness to a place where we are engulfed in shimmering beauty – and back again. Ott, of course, is a maestro of that weird and wonderful machine, the ondes Martenot, and that instrument plays its part in making this such a distinctive and unique record.

The highlight is the opening title track, which features Casey Brown’s narration of Rutger Hauer’s epic Blade Runner monologue. You know the one: “I’ve seen things you people would never believe…” Quite breathtaking. That sheer beauty and intensity is maintained throughout the album.

Incredibly, Ott (along with Mathieu Gabry) dropped another fantastic album later in the year as part of the duo, Snowdrops. Prolific, or what?


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