Strap yourself in, because this is one wild ride. In my review for Louder Than War, I described it as the most fun you can have with your clothes on. However, today, almost half a year later, I wonder how true that assertion actually is. Having lived with this album throughout the last six months, I have become less bewitched by the dance/psych/electro/post-punk of the its dazzling first half and become more conscious of the intricate textures and layering of the later tracks. I guess if I keep listening my perspective will alter again.

That’s the kind of album that DTx2 is. There’s a lot going on. Every single track has something unique to offer up, which means that every listen brings another surprise. Several of those tracks feature incredibly creative collaborations with the likes of KT Tunstall, Paul Morley, Janice Lau, Zoe Brewster and Kamal.

The band, which comprises multi-instrumentalists James Banbury and Joseph von Hess, once described their sound as hypno-tropicalia. That makes no sense…until you listen to it. And you should.


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