In an uncharacteristic moment of understatement, I described this album for Louder Than War as “quite probably the album of the year”. In truth, there was never any doubt. Nothing else could lay of glove on this.

This spectacular collection of vignettes is a thrill-a-minute rollercoaster, sonically massive and sprawling everywhere. There is an intensity and urgency about it. It’s as though someone has told Simbi Ajikawo that she has one more album in her, so make it damn special. She does. From the cinematic opener, Introvert, to the closer, the SAULT-like Miss Understood, it’s all here.

Did I say SAULT-like? Of course it is. The guy who produced my album of 2020 (by SAULT) also produced this year’s. He is Inflo and he, along with Simbi and Cleo Sol and others in the collective, makes up the most creative and dazzlingly brilliant hub currently functioning on the music scene right now.

There are two things I truly love above everything else on this album. The first is the counterpoint, which is everwhere. Lyrically, musically – there is the constant push and pull going on. Secondly, the string arrangements of Rosie Danvers. They elevate this album from a very good one into a classic.

Sometimes I Might Be Introvert is a special album and is deservedly my album of the year.


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